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    Tuesday, July 10th, 2018
    6:55 pm
    Monday, July 2nd, 2018
    2:42 am
    Nemiah Scudder
    Was an important historical figure in Heinlein's "Revolt in 2100".

    Robert Heinlein wrote about this in 1952, in a Postscript in Revolt in 2100:

    "Could any one sect obtain a working majority at the polls and take over the country? Perhaps not – but a combination of a dynamic evangelist, television, enough money, and modern techniques of advertising and propaganda might make Billy Sunday’s efforts look like a corner store compared to Sears Roebuck. Throw in a depression for good measure, promise a material heaven here on earth, add a dash of anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism, anti-Negroism, and a good large dose of anti-“furriners” in general and anti-intellectuals here at home and the result might be something quite frightening – particularly when one recalls that our voting system is such that a minority distributed as pluralities in enough states can constitute a working majority in Washington."

    He was referring to how Scudder got elected President in Heinlein's "Future History". But this sounds a lot like someone we are dealing with currentl, doesn't it.

    Oh yeah, for those not familiar with the politics of the 1920 & 1930s, you might want to look up William Jennings Bryan, Aimee Semple McPherson, and Father Coughlin.

    There are a lot of others, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.

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    Wednesday, June 27th, 2018
    11:09 pm
    Forty-nine years ago (June 28, 1969 at 1:20 am EDT) New York Police conducted a raid on the Stonewall Inn.

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    Friday, June 22nd, 2018
    12:13 pm
    A shrink appointment isn't because you are crazy or because people think you are crazy.

    A shrink appointment is to help[ you deal with the crazy. Be it something in your head, or lfe being nasty.

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    Sunday, June 17th, 2018
    12:48 am
    Portland Pride 2018
    Fay and I *intended* to get there before Pride opened at noon. Best laid plans and all that, I overslept and was awakened by Fay texting (for the third time)me sometime after noon.

    Since we were running late I decided not top go with the outfit I'd picked that night before (a purple satin blouse and a satin skirt in shades of orange and brown). At least in part because there wasn't time to shave and I didn't really want to do genderfuck.

    Probably just as well, I sweated buckets in the slacks and t-shirt I went with instead. I might have ruined the other outfit.

    We spent something like 5 hours going thru the booths. I think this is the first time I didn't run into anybody I knew there.

    We did take a couple of breaks to sit down, but all that walking got to me. We did pick up some nice swag, including some tote bags and a pouch with a net lanyard that fits my cell phone.

    Also got some cards for places we couldn't afford to buy stuff from.

    And I saw fay drooling over this book on smutty sign language at one booth and bought it for her as an early birthday present (her birthday is in a couple of weeks). I also got myself a dirty coloring book. :-)

    Glad I went, but really sore in lots of places from all that time on my feet.

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    Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
    6:11 pm
    Seismic upgrades
    For a few months now they've been arguing about requiring seismic upgrade to "unreinforced masonry" (basically brick) buildings.

    The owners (which include a lot of churches) have been complaining about the cost, saying they can't afford it.

    I wish *somebody* would stand up there and point out that if they *don't* do it, when (not *if*) the Big One comes, they'll be paying a lot more in wrongful death suits based on "you knew it wasn't safe in a quake, but you kept letting people use it".

    Today they passed something, but it's got a lot of exceptions, allowing up to 20 years to get the upgrades done. :-(

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    Sunday, June 10th, 2018
    11:50 pm
    Thunderbirds are go.
    I know it's cheesy, but usually the stupid isn't *too* extreme.

    But I finally got around to watching Season 3, episode 8: Crash Course.

    They really mangled things this time. they have a pair of ground-to orbit space frieghters collide. One is going up, the other was heading down.

    First off they start arguing with each other about who is supposed to change course. Oy. Other comments make it clear that the writers are using trucks on highways (or maybe ships at sea) as a model.

    Sorry folks, when you've got that level of space traffic, there *will* be Space Traffic Control (STC) to prevent exactly this sort of thing (and a whole bunch of others as well). Even more than with Air Traffic Control, you *will* use the course they assign you. We'll get to why in a bit.

    Now, these ships were going in essentially opposite directions. And they had to be at something approaching orbit velocity. That's 8km/sec. So collision velocity would be more than 15 km/sec (I went low because 15 is easier to work with than 16).

    Rule of thumb. A mass impacting at 3 km/sec releases the energy you'd get by detonating an equal mass of TNT. The energy release goes up as the *square* of the velocity. So at 15 km/sec, they are moving 5 times as fast, so they'll release the energy of *25* times their combined masses in TNT.

    And these freighters likely mass tens if not hundreds of tons. So there won't be much left after the collision (and what will be left will be spreading all over the place at high speed creating hazards for everybody else in or near earth orbit.

    BTW, *this* is why you *need* STC. A ship impacting a station or a city on the ground will make 9/11 look like a campfire.

    But no, the ships are mostly intact and stuck together. And there's a hazard from their cargoes if they get mixed. Which is also a major WTF as one of them is carrying *liquid* aluminum oxide. Aside from there being no sane reason to ship it as a liquid, given that it melts at something over 1000 degrees a leak would be a major hazard regardless of what the other ship was carrying.

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    11:28 pm
    bed update
    Finally got it assembled and bedding etc transferred.

    It's a royal pain trying to get screws thru the holes in the uprights and into the holes in the six foot long 2x4s that are the sides of the bunks. At least it is of you are doing it by yourself.

    Worst thing was that once I got started I didn't have anyplace to lie down to rest. And since I get tired easily these days that just made things harder.

    I definitely need to see about getting a decent twin mattress because the folded over double futon is *way* thick and will have me perching a lot higher off the ground than I expected.

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    1:10 am
    Good stuff
    So, about a week ago, I decided to do a search for NAS boxes with DLNa, since the one I have was discontinued, and I wanted another one.

    NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. Basically a box that holds one of more big hard drives and makes them available to the computers on your LAN. Very useful for sharing files and for backups as well.

    DLNA is a sort of protocol for sharing media files over the LAN. My Bluray player can play files from the NAS box, for example.

    Anyway, one popped up on sale at Fry's that looked like it'd do. So I sent a link to my "computer guy" and asked if he'd front me the mony for the NAS and a 4TB drive for it (basicallly, he buys it and I pay him back over the next few months).

    He agreed. The NAS box is back-ordered (sigh) but the 4TB drive arrived the other day. So both to test it and (hopefully) to get a head start on setting up things for the new NAS box, I stuck it in the empty slot in the current NAS box. Since both the current box and the new one use EXT 4 file systems, there's good chance that I'll be able to pull the drive from the current NAS and plug it into the new one and have things just work.

    If not, I'll at least have done an extensive burn in. :-)

    BTW, do you have any *idea* how long it takes to copy 3.5 T B of files? Yeesh.

    In other good news, I've been wanting to get a semi-decent bed to sleep on. What I'm using now is sort of kludged together from a broken futon couch.

    I'd been thinking about a twin bed (much as I'd like one, there just isn't *room* for a double). and then a twin bunk bed showed up on freecycle. Clear across town though. So no way.

    Then a couple days later another one showed up. This one was in my "quadrant" of town. I emailed to find out where they were exactly, and they turned out to be only about half a mile away!

    Still couldn't figure out how to transport it. Then the person offering it said that since I was so close, they'd be willing to deliver it. Yay.

    Finally got it a few days ago. I'm going to have to reassemble it, but that's doable. Shifting things around so I can put it together has been "interesting".

    But with luck, I'll get it done tomorrow.

    It's an all in one frame, not one that can be seperated into individual beds. Also, since it was intended for kids, it's a bit short. But if I use the holes for the rail for the mattress supports instead, I should be able to sit up without hitting my head. And I'll still be able to use the upper for storage.

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    Friday, May 18th, 2018
    5:13 pm
    I knew I was out of shape...
    ... but this is ridiculous.

    As I mentioned days ago, the front tire on the loaner bike from Fay pretty much exploded.

    I finally got a chance to haul it to Bike Gallery to get the tube replaced and have the tire & rim checked out. Tire was shot (I think a bunch of the bead on one side was gone). Between the tire, tube & labor it cost me $33.74. *sigh*

    At least they did it while I waited. After they fixed it, I walked the bike to the top of the hill and rode it back home. It's only 1.2 miles, mostly downhill.

    It still took a lot out of my. Sweating like a stuck pig, heart pounding, etc. And now, half an hour later, I've still kinda shaky.

    So I *definitely* need to get into shape. Probably stick to riding around the Albertson's parking lot late at night until I'm up to street riding.

    Also, the shifters need adjusting and the brakes need work. Plus, I think I need to raise the seat.

    It's gonna be a pain, but I do need to exercise more.

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    Sunday, May 13th, 2018
    1:51 pm
    Friday, May 11th, 2018
    7:09 am
    Well, that was exciting
    Last night around 7 pm, I finally got around to inflating the tires on the bike Fay gave me. Been intending to do it for weeks, but never remembered to do it at a time when the npoise of the compressor would be ok.

    Fast forward to about 4 am. Fortunately I was on the computer when there was this loud BANG! I checked around and finally realized that the front tire of the bike was flat.

    Oh well, I wanted to take it to the bike shop anyway.

    In other news, the DNS for my domain is *still* showing the Comcast address that it hasn't had for almost a month. The guy who does my hosting switched to CenturyLink then, and has been fighting to get the DNS working right.

    For a short time this morning pinging it on the box that's hooked to a VPN gave a different IP address. Not the right one, but a *different* wrong one.

    In the process of checking into who owned *that* address (Amazon, apparently) I noticed that the TTL (time to live) for the DNS result was only 24 hours.

    That make me think that Comcast *has* to be part of the problem. I'm going to be calling them later today and asking why the [censored] DNS is *still* showing my domain as being at one of their IP address this long after things were moved.

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    Monday, May 7th, 2018
    8:50 am
    Muslims Recoil at a French Proposal to Change the Quran

    Gee, the Bible and various other Christian writings have been used to justify racism, anti-Semitism and many other things. As well as to justify countless wars and terrorist acts.

    Yet we don't hear calls to revise these things but rather to go after the folks who misuse them.

    Can't have it both ways folks

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    Saturday, April 14th, 2018
    8:30 pm
    20 historical words we should bring back

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    2:50 pm
    Some random thoughts led to this...
    First thought (a quote whose origin I don't recall)

    "You are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to your own facts."

    This lead to some interesting ideas for questions in a science class (high school or junior high)

    1. scientists performed an extensive series of experiments that confirmed [something "everybody knows"]. Was this a good use of resources? Why or why not?

    2. Scientists performed an extensive series of experiment whose results contradict [widely held belief]. Should they have released the results? Should they have bowed to public opinion?

    3. it is a fact that "The Bible says creation took six days." . True or False.

    4. it is a fact that "Creation took six days". True or false.

    (add various questions that deal with correlation not equaling casaution)

    (add various questions about the difference between what an experiment measured and what those measurements "mean")

    This would definitely put the cat in among the canaries. Especially if you threw in fact/not fact questions about what various "holy books" say and whether what they say is a fact.

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    Saturday, April 7th, 2018
    7:52 am
    Ugh. Not fun at all
    Last night I laid down in bed to do some reading and maybe take a nap.

    A short time later, I had a painful ache in my gut and it felt like I was going to need the toilet *bad*.

    I also started sweating like crazy.

    Tried to get out of bad but got incredibly dizzy before I was halfway to sitting up.

    Fortunately I has able to reach my phone and texted Fay. Turned out she wasn't home. After a few texts back and forth, she dropped what she was doing and headed home. Fortunately, she has a key to my apartment (for this sort of thing as well as other things)

    Anyway, when she got here, she dragged over some stuff for me from elsewhere in the apartment. First check was my temperature. No fever. Ooo-kay.

    Then I tried to check my blood sugar. And I do mean *tried*. It turns out to be next to impossible to do a proper "stick" while laying down on your side. Had to get fay to help me sit up before I could get it done right.

    I'd expected it to be a hypoglycemic episode, but nope.Blood sugar was high, not low. WTF?

    possible TMI )

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    Current Mood: drained
    2:53 am
    You'd think they'd know better
    This month I ordered my second ever 100 gb M-disc.

    The first one had been sent in this ridiculously over-sized (more than a foot square padded envelope.

    Which I thought at the time was stupid, both for the size, and for the fact that the jewel cases for optical media tend to crack if you look at them sideways.

    This month it was a smaller padded envelope. And the case cover was badly cracked. The disc looked ok.

    When I tried to burn it it got an error after only a few minutes. This time I looked on the writing surface. Glaring white crack in the writing surface, that went across most of the writing surface.

    I'm returning it (thankfully for free) for being "broken or defective".

    You'd think they'd know better than to ship them this way. At $25 a pop, even with their markup this has to be a significant hit.

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    Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
    4:23 pm
    This isn't even "reaching"...
    The Multnomah County Republican Party is claiming that the local school district is "brainwashing" kids against the second amendment.

    Why? Because of the student walkouts about the Parkland school shootings.

    They are claiming it wasn't the kids idea, but that teachers and staff set it up.

    They are talking about a lawsuit, and filing public records requests to try to "prove" this.

    I'm with the school district on this one. It was the kids idea and teachers and other staff may have helped the kids with planning, but they didn't talk the kids into it.

    This is beyond "grasping at straws".

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    Thursday, March 22nd, 2018
    7:43 pm
    On this day
    Riverside, Iowa
    March 22, 2233
    James Tiberius Kirk is born

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    4:12 am
    Yay for M-discs
    I've just finished burning my first M-disc. It's a 100 gig BDXL.

    It took an hour and a half to burn, and another hour for the burning software to verify the disk.

    I'm now using Beyond Compare to compare it to the directory the files were burned for. when that completes, I can nuke them and the "original" copies on my far too full media server.

    It'd be cheaper to use 2 50 gig M-discs or even 4 25 gig ones. but it's worth the extra money to have fewer discs to store.

    At least with M-discs, I don't have to worry about the discs going bad from age, sunlight, or whatever. Just physical damage.

    Gotta by more disks (of various sizes) to continue moving stuff off the sever (mostly old TV shows and some movies).

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